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The purpose of creating this website is many parents are curious about their child's vaccine schedule and information regarding why so many vaccines are needed. During my pediatric practice I came to know parents cant find much of reliable sources regarding info they need. Their is a lot of chaos of information which many times confuse the curious parents. I will honestly try to solve the most common doubts young parents have. The purpose of this site isn't  to replace your pediatrician's opinion neither we claim to be superior than your clinician. 

       We are here to just provide general information regarding vaccine schedule and other queries regarding vaccines themselves. I will keep writing as much as possible as  and when my busy schedule allow me to do so. I hope it will help many of you.

       I hereby state that by starting this site at least 10 Year old dream of mine is coming into reality. In clinical practice it is not possible for reach to masses very effectively personally. So i hope this site will help to reach me to the masses. Hopefully you all will find it useful, 

      Regarding the content of this site I would say I have put my full effort and time to make it perfectly right but as you know like all other streams of science medical science is all evolving and needs to upgraded with the time. Some fact relevant in this part of world may not be relevant in other parts of world. So the decision are to be taken considering local epidemiology of diseases. 

      Thanks a lot for visiting us here. You can convey your feedback under section "feedback" so that it will help this site to improve further,

       Firstly I will try to provide the information regarding basically "what is vaccination". How does it help to protect the child from diseases and helps keeping child healthy.

     Then I will describe what is need of a "vaccine schedule". why particular vaccine is given at particular age recommended. I will also suggest what if some one missed his vaccine in recommended vaccine schedule. Let's have few words on catch up vaccination also.

      Let's have a brief discussion on effects and side effects of  vaccination and how to curb them. Some children have special needs so they need special type of vaccination. We will try to have few words on them also. In special cases "Vaccine schedule" may not be applicable or may differ. 

       There are two broad categories of vaccines depending on there action. Active and Passive. Active means the body of recipient has to act to produce immunity and passive means the immunity is provided directly without recipient's effort so regardless of immune status. We will first cover the information regarding active immunization.

      Some vaccines contain live microorganism like live polio vaccine and some are killed vaccines like rabies vaccine. Essentially we will go into details. I hope this site helps to satisfy and provide food for thoughts to those curious parents who need it.

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